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The only fanlisting for the "[+] Green Dragoons" from the movie "The Patriot" listed at TheFanlistingsNetwork.

In crisp formation, they thundered toward the house, leaving an enormous dust cloud in their wake. The Dragoons were the finest light cavalry in the world and, man for man, the most leathal fighting force in history. They made an impressive sight and struck fear into the hearts of everyone present that morning.

from "The Patriot" by Stephen Molstad,
page 74, ISBN 0-06-102076-1

This excerpt beautifully names one of the many reasons why someone would call him/herself a fan of the "Green Dragoons". Being terror on horseback (or on foot if necessary) to carry out Tavington's orders without questions, no matter how gruesome the task, made them one of the most adorable group of movie villains out there.

So if you are a fan of Tavington, Bordon, Wilkins and all the other Green Dragoons who remained nameless, please join their fanlisting.


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